Make Your Own Damn Cheese: Understanding, Navigating, and Mastering the 3 Mazes of Success

Written by:
John Chuback
Narrated by:
Steve Menasche

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
1 hour 32 minutes
Make Your Own Damn Cheese is an engaging book that feeds off of the success of Spencer Johnson's New York Times bestseller Who Moved My Cheese, and Deepak Malhotra's ensuing response and Wall Street Journal bestseller, I Moved Your Cheese. This new twist on the beloved fable adapts Dr. Chuback's personal advice and wisdom that is practical, directly applicable, highly motivational, and leads to personal awareness and real-world achievement.

Make Your Own Damn Cheese is short, quick, and effective. Dr. Chuback makes indirect but obvious reference to the first two books and states a case for self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and self-determination. The seven main characters are fashioned after major players in the history of personal development: Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, and Price Pritchett. In this variation, a young mouse seeking happiness and freedom (Earl), is guided by an elderly mouse (Napoleon) who brings him deep into a maze to be taught by other learned mice (Jim, Brian, Bob, Price, and Dennis). There, he learns what cheese really is and why it is important, and he also learns that he is really a human being and not a mouse at all-he has the power of choice, free will, and decision-making.
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