Make You Love Me

Written by:
Lilith Mccall
Narrated by:
Tamika Simone , Jameson Adams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
5 hours 8 minutes
MY life, MY way, and nobody, NOBODY, will ever make me believe otherwise. If that’s the case, then why the hell am I placing this damn diamond ring on the trembling finger of this woman? Why the hell did I just sign my freedom away
without a second thought? Oh, I’ll say it’s because my bossy-ass father threatened me, or I’m doing it for the sake of her, when I could give two shits about the feelings and reputation of any of the countless women that I’ve run through. I’ll
keep up with the lie that I was too drunk to realize that the woman I took back to my room was the pimple-faced girl that I used to take pleasure in bullying as a boy, which is what pushed both of us into this shotgun wedding.
For years, I’ve wanted, lusted, dreamed of her touch. Never thought to be good enough, sloppy seconds is what I’ve wasted my time on, but the hunger for her has never dimmed.
I read somewhere that the Wheel of Fate is always turning, giving us opportunities at love, if we’re willing to take it. Now, the question is, am I man enough to step up to take it? Can I actually keep my dick out of the mouth of the next bitch to
hold the line? And will Kimie ever fall for a piece of shit like me?
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