The Magnificent Makers #8: Go, Go, Green Energy!

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
1 hour 11 minutes
Boom! Snap! Whiz! Zap! The Magnificent Makers is a fiction chapter book series filled with real science, adventure, and characters kids will love! Every book includes two science activities kids can do at home.

A modern-day Magic School Bus for today's kids!

Pablo, Violet, and their classmate Garry are on a field trip to the Environmental Science Center when they are transported to the Maker Maze! In the maze, they’ll work with wacky scientist Dr. Crisp to complete three challenges all about wind, solar, and tidal energy. But then Violet begins to feel bad about how much energy she’s been using. Can she, Pablo, and Garry learn how to use energy in a way that doesn't hurt the earth? 

In Go, Go, Green Energy!, the kids learn the importance of being mindful and never giving up. Don’t miss the other books in the series! 

#1: How to Test a Friendship
#2: Brain Trouble
#3: Riding Sound Waves
#4: The Great Germ Hunt
#5: Race Through Space
#6: Storm Chasers
#7: Human Body Adventure

*This audiobook includes a downloadable PDF containing the section, MAKE YOUR OWN CREATIONS!, from the printed book. You can also listen to the section at the end of this audiobook where you’ll hear instructions on making a Pizza Box Oven and a Water Wheel!
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