Mafia Hit Man: Carmine DiBiase, The Wiseguy Who Really Killed Joey Gallo

Narrated by:
Eric Jason Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
7 hours 58 minutes
Who really killed 'Crazy Joe' Gallo? It wasn't Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran as he claimed.

'Sober, he was nothing, but drunk he would blow your head off.' That's how Pete the Greek described Carmine 'Sonny' DiBiase, the Colombo crime family hitman who'd been terrorizing Manhattan's Little Italy since he was a kid. After beating and robbing a local tailor and doing time in reformatory, Sonny set up operations at the Mayfair Boys Civic and Social Club, an illegal poolroom where he shot and killed his best friend on Christmas day . . .

A prime suspect of this and other crimes, Sonny went on the lam and off the grid for seven years. He then surrendered himself to police, was tried for murder and sentenced to death. But after a second trial, he walked away a free man-free to kill again.

Joey 'Crazy Joe' Gallo and his President Street mob waged a deadly Mafia civil war with the Colombo crime family, and in particular, Carmine 'the Snake' Persico. And on that fateful night of April 7, 1972, in a Little Italy restaurant, Gallo was assassinated . . . by Carmine 'Sonny' DiBiasi . . .

This is the true story of who really whacked Crazy Joey Gallo on that fateful night of April 7, 1972.
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