Lying Beside You

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
10 hours 38 minutes
Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac return in this “expertly paced and psychologically acute” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) thriller from Michael Robotham that’s “one of his best, suspenseful and hard to put down” (Stephen King).

Twenty years ago, Cyrus Haven survived a family massacre. The killer? His brother Elias.

Now Elias is applying for release from a secure psychiatric hospital—and Cyrus is expected to forgive and welcome him home. In this “brilliant novel” (The Globe and Mail, Toronto), Elias is returning to a very different world. Cyrus is now a successful psychologist, working with the police, sharing his house with Evie Cormac, a damaged and gifted teenager who can tell when someone is lying.

When a man is murdered and his daughter Maya Kirk disappears, Cyrus is called in to profile the killer and help piece together Maya’s last hours. Soon, a second victim is taken, and Evie is the only person who glimpsed the man behind the wheel. But there’s a problem. Only two people believe her. One is Cyrus.

The other is the killer.
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