Lucky Man: A Memoir

Written by:
Michael J. Fox
Narrated by:
Michael J. Fox

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2002
5 hours 30 minutes
Grammy Award Nominee for Best Spoken Word Album!

'If you were to rush in to this room right now and announce that you had struck a deal-with God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Bill Gates, whomever-in which the ten years since my diagnosis could be magically taken away, traded in for ten more years as the person I was before, I would, without a moment's hesitation, tell you to take a hike.'

In September 1998, Michael J. Fox stunned the world by announcing that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease -- a degenerative neurological condition. In fact, he had been secretly fighting it for seven years. The worldwide response was staggering. Fortunately, he had accepted the diagnosis, and by the time the public started grieving for him, he had stopped grieving for himself. With the same passion, humor, and energy that he has invested in his dozens of performances over the last eighteen years, he tells the story of his life, his career, and his campaign to find a cure for Parkinson's.

Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense of the absurd, he recounts his life -- from his childhood in western Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television which made him a worldwide celebrity. Most importantly, he writes of the last ten years, during which -- with the unswerving support of his wife, family, and friends -- he has dealt with his illness. He talks about what Parkinson's has given him: the chance to appreciate a wonderful life and career, and the opportunity to help search for a cure and spread public awareness of the disease. He feels as if he is a very lucky man, indeed.
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Mary T.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My husband has recently been diagnosed with PD and MJF has it also. Learned much about Michael and his life; his outlook is amazing and gives me hope…

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Melanie J.

I LOVED listening this audio book and hearing Micheal J Fox's story from the man himself.

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Daniel W.

Great book, thank you MJF, you’re a Legend!

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Kelly R.

This book was so good. To hear what Michael J Fox went through when he first found out about his Parkinson's Disease, to how he dealt with it through work and with his family is just heart warming.

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kathryn` D

I bought this so I could read about MJ Fox's experience with Parkinson's Disease, as my son-in-in law is suffering with it, and he and Fox had the same surgeon for DBT; deep brain therapy. I will remember him as Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties...funny, charming and attractive...with enthusiastic, fast speech. But a television/movie actor's delivery is not the same as a narrator, where body language and facial expressions are not visible. Please don't misunderstand me; I've always been a big fan. But, despite his theatrical experience, he speaks way too fast, often running his words together, making it difficult to understand what he said. I found myself having to pay more attention to his words, than to his story. I enjoy listening to audio books before I fall asleep so I can rest my eyes after a long day on my computer, and because they help me to relax. While I'd like to purchase some of his other books, I'll be buying them for reading, and not for listening.

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Sue Marshall

This has been my first download with my new subscription to audiobooks and I have not been disappointed. Michael J Fox described in a quirky yet honest and heartfelt manner the depths of his despair but most importantly the ability to recognise the gifts the Parkinson's diagnosis has bestowed on his journey through life.

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Caitlin Wright

What a beautiful person and love story! Perfectly written

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Brian Gutierrez

Michael J Fox is always a fantastic narrator. This book kept me interested the whole time.

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Nick Capps

If ever there was a reason to listen to an audiobook, this is it! MJF does a great job of emoting the heartfelt battle with his disease like no other narrator could!

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Maria Ahlstrom

Really enjoyed this memoir by Michael J Fox. Very well told and narrated by himself. Insightful and frank about himself and his carreer, and his Parkinson diagnosis which he as a young actor, husband and new father had to come to terms with. Interesting and highly recommended!

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I found this a little difficult to get into but well worth sticking around for. It is read by the author which makes it much more interesting and insightful. While he describes the effects Parkinson's Disease has on him as well as his treatment course, he doesn't overwhelm the reader with medical jargon and the entire book is not written around the disease. There are plenty of whimsical tales from childhood through his rise to fame and beyond. Most enjoyable.

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