Lucid Dreaming: The Superior Guide to Exploring and Changing Dreams at Your Leisure – Extended Edition

Lucid Dreaming: The Superior Guide to Exploring and Changing Dreams at Your Leisure – Extended Edition

Written by:
Marius K. Green
Narrated by:
Tom Chandler
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 32 minutes
Enjoy A Virtual Reality Adventure Every Night And Discover Your Inner Self - Here's How To Master The Skill Of Lucid Dreaming!
What if you could plan your dreams in advance and control them as they unfold?

You could easily stop a nightmare before it gets truly terrifying.

You could easily summon a specific person into your dream and ask them for advice.

You could experience your wildest fantasies that would never come true in real life.

And it's easier than you think.

Lucid dreaming is a skill that gets easier with practice. As you gain confidence, you can use lucid dreams for purposes other than entertainment. You can conduct crazy scientific experiments in your dreams and actually make an important discovery (like Einstein did). You can practice your real-life skills while you're sleeping. You can interact with the different forces that exist in your subconscious mind and heal deep-seated trauma. The possibilities are endless!

In this book, you'll discover time-proven strategies for planning and controlling your dreams, along with practical exercises that you can do every day.

This book will help you:
- Discover the scientific mechanism behind normal and lucid dreaming
- Get to the deeper meaning of your dreams and reconnect with your subconscious
- Understand if your mind is trying to tell you something through recurring dreams
- Break free from nightmares and sleep paralysis for a healthy, restorative sleep experience
- And much more!

With this book, you'll master the art of lucid dreaming even if you've never had a lucid dream before. Simply follow the step-by-step guides and your first lucid dream won't be more than a few nights away!
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