Loyal to His Love 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
7 hours 52 minutes
Even the best of intentions can back and blow up in your face. Asim and Kyori were slowly building something great, which meant learning to trust. Unfortunately, that also meant full disclose with matters of the heart. Asim finds himself attempting to protect the bond that he and Kyori have built but keeping secrets, even with the best intentions proves to be a disaster of the best kind.

Not only does Asim find himself stuck in the middle of relationship woes, he also lands right in the middle of a street war that should have never existed. When Amir is shot, its Asim's job to rectify the situation and ensure it never happens again.

Amir's wounds have nothing on the damage done to his ego when he has to sit idle and allow his older brother to seek revenge for the bullets which could have ended his life. Bad choices could have cost him everything and now his brother is on the frontline making sure the streets know just how costly of a mistake it was to come for a Nour.

To make matters worse, the one woman who has stolen Amir's heart, no longer wants to allow him access to hers.

Misunderstandings can ruin the best of relationships but love should conquer all. At least that's what most say, but the Nour brothers are realizing that only proves true when the women are willing to lay it all on the line for are willing to do the same proving that they're Loyal to Their Love.
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