Love Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs

Written by:
Amanda Lamb
Narrated by:
Chloe Cannon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
11 hours 45 minutes
A suburban housewife's picture-perfect life is shattered in this riveting true crime book from the author of Evil Next Door.

When Nancy Cooper moved from Canada to Cary, North Carolina, with her new husband Brad, their future was bright. Living in one of the most picturesque towns in the United States, the couple mingled with neighbors, attended parties, and raised two daughters.

Then, on July 14, 2008, the fa├žade came crashing down when Nancy's strangled body was found in a storm pond.

Nancy's husband claimed that she had gone for a jog and never come back. But as the police investigation deepened, and as Brad was brought to trial for murdering his wife, a complex web of affairs and lies was uncovered involving multiple residents of Cary's idyllic neighborhoods. At the heart of it stood the Coopers' soured marriage, Nancy's threat to leave with the children, and her own cold-blooded murder. It would take a mountain of damning evidence before justice was served.
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Peter A.

Good book although the narration was a bit nasally, a bit too much of the character evidence, I got it within a few chapters that Nancy was 'loved by all'. Would have liked more detail on the actual murder, not much explanation on how and when etc

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Brenda S.

conclusion was as expected although it took the entire book of the same testimonies to get to the ending ..

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Good book. Although I knew the outcome I enjoyed listening to the details.

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