The Long Ships

Written by:
Frans G. Bengtsson
Narrated by:
Michael Page

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
20 hours 15 minutes
Bengtsson's hero, Red Orm-canny, courageous, and above all lucky-is only a boy when he is abducted from his Danish home by the Vikings and made to take his place at the oars of their dragon-prowed ships. Orm is then captured by the Moors in Spain, where he is initiated into the pleasures of the senses and fights for the Caliph of Cordova. Escaping from captivity, Orm washes up in Ireland, where he marvels at those epicene creatures, the Christian monks, and from which he then moves on to play an ever more important part in the intrigues of the various Scandinavian kings and clans and dependencies. Eventually, Orm contributes to the Viking defeat of the army of the king of England and returns home an off-the-cuff Christian and a very rich man, though back on his native turf new trials and tribulations will test his cunning and determination.

Packed with pitched battles and blood feuds and told throughout with wit and high spirits, Bengtsson's book is a splendid adventure that features one of the most unexpectedly winning heroes in modern fiction.
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Jackson A.

Wonderful story that’s well told, full of surprises and realistically reflects the time. The characters depicted come to life and are memorable

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Kathy Watson

One of my very favorite audio books. Extremely well written. A great combination of Viking adventures with just enough humor cleverly blended in. I’ve listened to it twice. Might have to go for a third time

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Chris Atkinson

great story! I hope to find others like this.

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Oren F.

A great listen. Captivating, easy to listen to and really appreciated how well the narrator pronounced the names of the characters and the places, townships, fiefdoms etc... well done.

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Chris L.

I loved this book, and most of all I loved the characters - an endearing story, and very well narrated I thought.

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was pretty good

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