Long Live the Elf Queen: The Elf Queen 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
12 hours 37 minutes
The enthralling and romantic sequel to J.M. Kearl's enchanting Bow Before the Elf Queen. Layala fought against falling in love with him. Thane battled to win his mate's heart. Now they'll discover if their love can withstand those who tore them apart. Held for weeks without food or water, Layala's resolve begins to fracture as an evil darkness looms over her. She’s the key to destroying the Void or reviving its creator— the long-dead Black Mage she has a mysterious connection to. Layala and Thane learn what it truly means to fight for love as their enemies surround them and it becomes a struggle for revenge, the kingdom, and finding the truth about why Layala seems to harbor the power of whether Palenor falls into darkness or if her Lightbringer name holds true. Author's note: Long Live the Elf Queen is book 2 in the Elf Queen series and ends on a cliffhanger. It contains romantic steam, violence, war, and mature themes with morally grey characters.
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Marilyn S.

I loved this second book but can’t wait until the next one, the end of this one leaves you in suspense

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Tiffany J.

I am 100% obsessed with this series. As in, sit on my phone and play games all day while listening to this book, or crochet all day and listen to this book. We certainly learn a lot more in this book than the first and if you thought the first one ended on a cliff hanger, Holey Crap! Can't wait for to "read" book 3 and can't wait for book 4 to come out!

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Carolyn O.

I'm really enjoying this series. I just started the 3rd in the series.

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I look forward to the other books. The narration was fun and interesting.

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Todd R.

Love the interactions with narrators!

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Enjoying this series very much and looking forward to book 4. The story is entertaining and well told.

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Samantha H.

I did not expect that ending! I'm excited to start the next one! I loved the narration.

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Joyce M.

Can not wait to hear the next book in series.

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Clare M.

Great book 2, following layala and thane in their plight to rid the world of the pale ones. Dear me did I cry to take warning, have tissues on hand. Once again, love listening to team Bordeaux give life to these characters! Can’t wait for book 3!! Fair warning… ends of a cliff hanger!

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Michael Hermelijn

the story is exciting and keeps up at the edge of your seat. only issue is the sometimes over the top accents chosen. but once u get used to them u can let it go and enjoy

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Joanna B.

Absolutely enthralled with the story! The characters have so much heart, there’s adventures and turmoil. Nothing is what you expect. So many bombs dropped that will leave you wide eyed and speechless. Narrators only added to the amazing story line with brining the characters to life. Positively jonesing for the next one.

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Isabel B.

what the hell was that at the end? Man, one big secret after another keeps coming out. Like this is a WTF, like I'm hella scared of what's going to happen in book 3. Man, this book is so exciting you're not going to want to put it down. but let me tell you one thing you going to be blown.it is so freaking good. I love it I can't wait for the next book.

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Erin M.

Loved this series and I truly loved the narration.

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Aronual N B.

Loved the adventurous story

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