A Life Worth Living

Written by:
Simon Ingram
Narrated by:
Frank Meaden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
6 hours 25 minutes
Sometimes, looking at your past can give you the strength to move forward. As the classic symptoms of Parkinsons disease began to take control of Simon's life, he became a shadow of his former self. After months of fighting to keep the disease in check, Simon finally found the strength to tell his family and even managed to book an appointment with a neurologist. Sadly, at a time when he needed an experienced health care professional to help him fight his corner, what he got was a cold, uncaring man who clearly had no time for his situation. However, his initial assessment proved to be 100% accurate; at just 36 years of age, Simon was told he had Parkinsons disease. The desire to produce a written account of his life for his immediate family and friends led to A Life Worth Living. Ingram looks back at his life, often with humour and pathos, and decides that the way to keep going is to appreciate the life he has led. The only way to fight is to appreciate what battles he has already fought and won. After all, what else makes a life worth living? Ingram's first-hand account of his life from his early childhood to teen years to his first signs of the debilitating disease give an insider's look at not just a 'disease' but a man.
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