Life Insurance Explained

Life Insurance Explained

Written by:
Narrated by:
David Willams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2015
0 hours 33 minutes
Have you recently found yourself being ambushed by worries about how your family will manage after you pass away? How will your kids continue their college education? Will your wife have to get another job? Will they have to give up all the things that they enjoy, just to save money? You can put your mind at ease, for there is a solution: life insurance. 

Now, hold on, hold on! Don’t run to the nearest insurance company right after reading that, as you may have been tempted to do. You need to be well informed before you can invest in life insurance, and this book will help you with that. 

What you will learn in this Book: 

What life insurance is? 

Types of life insurance 

Pros and cons of each type 

Which one suits you best? 

How to save money on life insurance 

Much more!!! 

Pick up this book, and then decide what actions to take to guarantee you peace of mind, and your family financial stability. 
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