Lie With Me: A Novel

Written by:
Philippe Besson
Narrated by:
Jacques Roy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
3 hours 35 minutes
The Advocate’s Best Gay Novel of 2019
A New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice
O, The Oprah Magazine’s Best LGBTQ Books That'll Change the Literary Landscape in 2019
The Wall Street Journal’s Ten Books You’ll Want to Read this Spring
Out's Best Queer Books of April 2019
TheSkimm’s LGBTQ+ books to celebrate Pride

“Stunning and heart-gripping.” —André Aciman, author of Call Me By Your Name

The award-winning, bestselling French novel by Philippe Besson—“the French Brokeback Mountain” (Elle)—about an affair between two teenage boys in 1984 France, translated with subtle beauty and haunting lyricism by the iconic and internationally acclaimed actress/writer Molly Ringwald.

We drive at high speed along back roads, through woods, vineyards, and oat fields. The bike smells like gasoline and makes a lot of noise, and sometimes I’m frightened when the wheels slip on the gravel on the dirt road, but the only thing that matters is that I’m holding on to him, that I’m holding on to him outside.

Just outside a hotel in Bordeaux, Philippe chances upon a young man who bears a striking resemblance to his first love. What follows is a look back at the relationship he’s never forgotten, a hidden affair with a gorgeous boy named Thomas during their last year of high school. Without ever acknowledging they know each other in the halls, they steal time to meet in secret, carrying on a passionate, world-altering affair.

Dazzlingly rendered in English by Ringwald in her first-ever translation, Besson’s powerfully moving coming-of-age story captures the eroticism and tenderness of first love—and the heartbreaking passage of time.
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Wes T.

This is a short but sweet story about a secret relationship between two young men during their last year of high school in the early 1980’s. The narrator is gay and confident about it, while his friend is coming to terms with his own feelings and seeks out the narrator to explore them. Like many novels with gay youth themes, it does not have a happy ending, but does have a surprise in the last third of the book that kind of makes it all ok that things didn’t work out. There are not really any graphic depictions of sex, only that you are aware it was happening. If you are a guy and struggled with your sexuality like I did growing up, you’ll be captivated and might see parallels to your own coming of age. The voice actor telling the story has a pleasant voice. I was hesitant to use my credit for a story that’s less than four hours, but I’m glad I did.

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