Less Stuff: Simple zero-waste steps to a joyful and clutter-free life

Written by:
Lindsay Miles
Narrated by:
Rachael Tidd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
4 hours 30 minutes
Clutter impacts on our productivity, stresses us out and keeps us stuck. Why do we let our stuff stand in the way of the lives we dream about? Decluttering is great for our mental wellbeing, and when done right, it can be good for the planet too. Less Stuff is a guide for people who find it difficult to declutter and who don't want to see things go to waste. Step by step, you'll explore finding your ‘enough', learn how to let go of your old possessions without sending them to landfill, and eventually break the cycle of stuff. The end result is a planet with less strain, a home with more peace and a life with more meaning.
Lindsay Miles is a passionate zero-waste educator and runs the popular website, Treading My Own Path. She has been featured by the ABC and BBC, Channel 9, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, TEDx and more.
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Jodie F.

Really solid advice, lots of good info - I immediately got rid of 6 boxes of stuff and feel less stressed already. Highly recommended

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Very redundant and wordy. I kept saying out loud, “You said that already; get to the ever-loving point!” There should have been a PDF “book resource” with a summary of the ideas on where to recycle specialty items. The point of an audiobook is that I can listen while I’m driving, which means I can’t take notes...

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This book came to my life at the perfect time. There's so much stuff on my house. No, I'm not a hoarder, just inherited too much from in-laws, their parents, their great grandparents, so it feels like my house is a museum. My kids are also always getting toys and more toys, my husband has clothes from when he was in high school, and I have clothes from when I was in my 20s. With all of that, I've been feeling like drowning in my own home. This book was a blessing that came at the right time: when I had no idea how or when to start. If this is you, I highly recommend it!!

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Shelby W.

A good breakdown of how to declutter your home. Loved the point about "knowing your true self vs your dream self"! Good read

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If you want to organize and downsize this is the book to help get it done!! It even cites the reasons why we hold on to junk and helps get you past some of the stumbling blocks.

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Patty Oole

If you need inspiration or a reminder why less stuff is needed in your life. This is the book. It includes basic how to suggestions.

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Really interesting book, lots of action items and ways to rethink how you’re living

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Did not get much from it!

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