The Lawrence Sweeney Mix: A BBC Radio 4 Improv Comedy Show

Written by:
Jim Sweeney , Josie Lawrence
Narrated by:
Jim Sweeney , Josie Lawrence

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
3 hours 43 minutes
Improv masters Josie Lawrence and Jim Sweeney perform hilarious off-the-cuff sketches based entirely on audience suggestions

No script, no props and living by their wit - in this side-splitting series, two of the funniest stars of The Comedy Store Players and Whose Line Is It Anyway? join together to create sketches from ideas shouted out by a live studio audience.

Making it up as they go along, Josie Lawrence and Jim Sweeney riff on topics ranging from a room full of kittens to something you might find beneath the sofa; from an unexpected moon expedition to a mishap involving a Portaloo; and from an unusual gathering with the neighbours to a meet-cute involving electrolysis.

Best friends and longtime collaborators, the duo keep the laughter flowing with their quickfire quips and affectionate banter, as they bounce off each other, throw one another curveballs - and try to catch each other out...

Chaotic, inventive and full of crazy characters and surreal skits, The Lawrence Sweeney Mix is sure to have you in stitches.

Production credits
Starring Josie Lawrence and Jim Sweeney
Produced by Dawn Ellis

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:
27 February - 20 March 2007 (Series 1)
29 January - 19 February 2008 (Series 2)

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