The Law of Attraction & Manifestation Mastery: Understand the Advanced Techniques to Manifest an Abundance of Love, Success, Money, Health and Happiness, so you can be Empowered to Take Control of Your D

Written by:
Olivia Clifford
Narrated by:
Emma Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
2 hours 30 minutes
Are you looking for a life-changing experience that will help you achieve all of your goals?

Are you wanting to finally experience the complete manifestation of everything you envisioned your life to be?

Are you hoping for your circumstances to change for the better?

If so, you are in desperate need of the law of attraction. The good news is, by finding this audiobook, the Universe is already helping you live the life of your dreams! You need to encourage it by sending signals, and this audiobook will help you by:

• Introducing you to ancient, proven techniques for shifting your energy and the core principles of the power of your thoughts;

• Showing you how to tap into your feminine and masculine energy (yes, we have both of these energy centers regardless of gender) and how to set proper heart-mind synchronicity;

• Explaining how to find your way back to being your authentic self and learn to appreciate yourself by choosing to believe in your unlimited potential;

• Letting you in on insider secrets as to achieving the ultimate nirvana – healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul;

• Showing you what you need to do when it comes to manifesting relationships with others;

• Enabling you to uncover the secrets of Manifestation for financial success;

• Revealing how to bring deep, emotional connections into your life;

• And much more;

Everything you can imagine is real. How far does your imagination go –or, are you afraid to unleash its full potential? You’re never stuck – if you’re feeling that way it’s because you choose to be.

It’s time for you to take control of your destiny and stop waiting around for things
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