The Land of Painted Caves

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2011
34 hours 56 minutes
Ayla, one of the most remarkable and beloved heroines in contemporary fiction, continues to explore the world and the people around her with curiosity, insight, and, above all, courage.As the story opens, Ayla, Jondalar, and their infant daughter, Jonayla, are living with the Zelandonii in the Ninth Cave—a shelter of stone. Ayla has been chosen as an acolyte and has embarked on the arduous task of training to become a spiritual leader. The wisdom that Ayla gained from her struggles as an orphaned child, alone in a hostile environment, strengthen her as she moves closer to leadership of the Zelandonia.Whatever the obstacles, Ayla’s inventive spirit produces new ways to lessen the difficulties of daily life: searching for wild edibles to make delicious meals, experimenting with techniques to ease the long journeys the Zelandoni must take, honing her skills as a healer and a leader. And then, there are the Sacred Caves, the caves that Ayla’s mentor—the Donier, the First of the Zelandonia—takes her to see. These caves are filled with remarkable art—paintings of mammoths, lions, aurochs, rhinoceros, reindeer, bison, bear. The powerful, mystical aura within these caves sometimes overwhelms Ayla and the rituals of initiation bring her close to death. But through those rituals, Ayla gains A Gift of Knowledge so important that it will change the world.Spellbinding drama, meticulous research, fascinating detail, and superb narrative skill combine to make The Land of Painted Caves a captivating, utterly believable creation of a long ago civilization and serves as an astonishing end to this beloved saga.
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Having read and reread all of the books and just finding this one after rereading all the others again, this was terrible. even more descriptive than the rest without the story actually going anywhere from the descriptions. Too much of the Mother's song over and over and over and over and over again. The maturity of characters reverting to childish stupid behavior instead of progressing as people do. Just all in all REALLY REALLY disappointing. Unsure if Auel actually wrote this one as well. Just seems so regurgitated and blah. Having a hard time finishing it and never had this problem with any of the other books.

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Melanie M

This book focused on describing paintings in cave walls more than a story. I found it challenging to be captivated. There were some good happenings but the story was too drawn out. I found the good parts didn't make up for the tedious descriptions of painted caves.

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Gaea G

A disappointing end to a great series. I was hooked on the Earth Children series from the beginning and it definitely sparked a keen interest in prehistoric humans (so much so that I visited a few caves in southern France when visiting this year) but this book fell completely flat. The repetition was nauseating! The same things described over and over AAAAND over again. Then the conflict of the story is poorly written and basically shows that none of the characters have developed in the slightest. Finally the resolution is a carbon copy of the time Ayla drank hallucinagenic roots with Mamoot in The Mammoth hunters. Auel could have done so much with this and I really wanted this to be great but it was just so so bad. Once you’ve read it go onto Goodreads and read through the reviews there to at least have a laugh at the reviews.

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Alexander Zamisz

I started reading these books in the 80s and really fell in love with the characters and the whole story. I look at the earth children's series as one giant story with a wonderful ending the last book was not as exciting as the previous books but nonetheless I love a good ending yes I agree with Karen , that the mother story was a little over told but I just fast forwarded through it at times. Thank you so much Jean I will cherish these books forever.

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Janice Bates

I love the story of these people. The author spends so much time telling what happened in the previous books there is very little of the new tale. So many names and explaining titles is very boring! Ayla is sort of like Forrest Gump - responsible for every culture change.

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Mark D.

I felt this book was rushed and not as fully developed in its characters as the others ,the way the adversaries of Ahla where handled wasn't fitting for their actions they got away way to easily.

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It was the Worst book of the whole series. I didn’t even finish it. There are too many better books out there.

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Thomas B.

Soooooooooooooo repetitive!!!!!! I would love to hear an edited version of the series that only mentions things once or maybe even twice and that’s it. The story itself was really good. But the moments I started calling “going on a National Geographic rant” were very hard to get through. It also made it hard to enjoy the story.

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