The Land of Blue Flower

Narrated by:
A Full Cast , David Thorn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2002
1 hour 1 minute
An enchanting and mysterious tale of a far away land where a young king transforms his kingdom with a blue flower and some positive thinking. It is a story of love and the beauty of nature where the young king is taught by an old and sacred man what love means and how it can transform the world

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924) was an English-born author of romances and books for children. After moving to America in 1865 she established a popular reputation with the publication of That Lass o'Lowries in 1877. She is best known for such stories as Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Little Princess, and The Secret Garden.

Alcazar AudioWorks publishes solely unabridged works.
ISBN: 9780972499576
Length: 1 hr and 1 min

Quotes about The Land of the Blue Flower
This charming fairytale by the author of the beloved Secret Garden is not just for children, but is a kind of ""spiritual tonic"" for folks of all ages. Ever since discovering HJKramer's magical edition, I have turned to Blue Flower during times of spiritual or physical depletion and have always felt uplifted and enlivened by its positive message and exquisite artwork.

The book came to me in a strange, ""Heaven-directed"" way, during a time of immense grief over the death of a relative. I was ripe for its insightful messages that, ""If you fill your mind with a beautiful thought, there will be no room for an ugly one""; and ""There is no time for anger..."" I have always been bolstered by this particular edition, so gracefully illustrated by Judith Ann Griffith, and over the years have gifted a few special souls, adults and children alike, with copies of this delightful book.

The ""blue flowers"" at the heart of the story have gradually become a sort of shorthand-code between me and cherished friends/relatives; and on special occasions, we sometimes exchange ""blue flowers"" as a colorful reminder of truths taught in Frances Hodgson Burnett's tale. The ""blue-flower code"" is simple and speaks directly to the heart, saying, ""We choose love, life, and joy over fear, bitterness, and grudges."" (Given current global upheavals and conflicts, maybe certain folks in High Places would do well to read this little book and internalize its simple truths.)

The Land of the Blue Flower is very enthusiastically recommended for hearts of all ages (

""There is no time for anger."" this phrase has a wonderful meaning and is the center of the story. The Land of the Blue Flower is about a prince raised in the mountains by a an old scholar after his mothers death. he learns to respect nature and about the power of love. This is a GREAT read that EVERYONE should read. just buy it! (
The Land of Blue Flower
This title is due for release on January 1, 2002.

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The Land of Blue Flower
This title is due for release on January 1, 2002
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The Land of Blue Flower
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The Land of Blue Flower

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