A Lamb to the Slaughter

A Lamb to the Slaughter

Narrated by:
Jon Waters
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
8 hours 13 minutes
Johnstone Country. Where life is a gamble.

The national bestselling authors of violent, bullet-riddled Old West yarns return to the Texas frontier town where Sheriff Buck Jackson and Deputy Flint Moran are quickly learning that enforcing the law means being fastest on the draw—or being killed by someone quicker . . .

Welcome to Tinhorn, Texas. Now go home.

Two drifters, flush with cash and looking to buy cattle, arrive in town—one nursing a bullet wound he claims he received accidentally when his friend was cleaning his gun. Jackson and Moran are suspicious but have no reason to challenge their story—until four more drifters show up looking for the first two. Moran may not be lightning quick when it comes to numbers, but reports say the Wells Fargo office was held up by six men . . .

But Moran is going to need more bullets. He's been called upon to go after Abel Crowe and his three sons on a murder and kidnapping charge. And with Jesse Slocum breaking out of prison to wreak vengeance on Sheriff Jackson, who killed Slocum's brother, the young deputy is going to make his name one bullet at a time—or die trying . . .
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