Lady of the Manor - Winds of Change

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
17 hours 58 minutes
Lady of the Manor is an historical saga with drama, intrigue and boundless love starting in Stockholm's fashionable salons and moving out to the Swedish countryside.
Lovisa Broman is the cherished daughter of a government minister who, unusually, nurtured and educated her to succeed him. When Lovisa's father suddenly dies, everything changes. She and her mother are forced to flee from Stockholm to a castle in the countryside, where her mother will remarry to secure their future. But once there, everything takes a whole new turn, while Lovisa is irresistibly drawn to the young coachman…
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Emma O.

I could not stop listening. Oh the drama!! Chef’s kisses for every page of this book. I loved the main characters with a passion, and I loved the moral grayness of all the characters. This book is amazing for everyone who loves a good forbidden historial romance. The ending was good as well. I cannot say enough about this book. This is a highly enjoyable read and will have you wondering whats going tk happen next . The narrator Was the perfect choice. Ahhhh it was so good!

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Monika H.

For me immorality is sin. I was enjoying the book prior to that.

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It was good, but a little too much bad luck for everyone in the story. The story made me angry at times. Also left me with questions with the way it ended.

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Sherry L.

I enjoyed the story, it wasn’t amazing but worth a listen. For such a strong willed smart girl she done some stupid things that did not suit the character. The narrator done a good job.

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A few loose ends left out there, but overall a good book.

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I actually enjoyed the book (storyline). But the ending was disappointing. It was like “need to quickly end”. What about the boy that tagged along with Johan; what happened to him? And the mistress was still at the house? Too many loose ends!!

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Loved the drama. Looking forward to the next book

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Nancy W.

The narrator's voice ruined this book for me. I skipped to the end because I couldn't stand the voice, but wanted to know what happened.

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