Kraken [Dramatized Adaptation]: Deathlands 145

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
7 hours 36 minutes
'Continuing the timeline established in Deathlands 136: Trade War.

Beneath the waters of Lake Huron a monstrosity lurks, and Krysty Wroth may be its victim.

The companions' journey across Lake Huron is interrupted by a pirate attack during a furious storm, and Krysty is pulled overboard during the fray. The companions seek refuge on a submerged freighter occupied by ex-pirate “Mean Pete'' Kellogg, and his crew. They tell stories of 'He Who Shouts in the Lake', a creature under the control of Heidecker labs. The stories say the director of Heidecker labs is brutal and unforgiving, burning local villages to the ground and infecting them with disease.

Forget the stories. Ryan knows only one truth. He must get Krysty back.

Performed by Richard?Rohan,?Terence?Aselford,?Lolita Horne, Colleen Delany, Nanette Savard, Stephon Walker, Alysia Beltran, Bradley Foster Smith, Darius Johnson, David Engel, Eric Messner, Jean Rosolino, Joy Jones, Karen Novack, Katie Boothe, Keith Richards, Ken Jackson, Marie Hoffman, Megan Dominy, Michael John Casey, Nickolette Kong, Rana Kay, Rob McFadyen, Ryan Haugen, Ryan Reid, and Scott McCormick.'
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