The Kitchen House: A Novel

Written by:
Kathleen Grissom
Narrated by:
Bahni Turpin , Orlagh Cassidy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
12 hours 57 minutes
Kathleen Grissom, New York Times bestselling author of the highly anticipated Glory Over Everything, established herself as a remarkable new talent with The Kitchen House, now a contemporary classic. In this gripping novel, a dark secret threatens to expose the best and worst in everyone tied to the estate at a thriving plantation in Virginia in the decades before the Civil War.

Orphaned during her passage from Ireland, young, white Lavinia arrives on the steps of the kitchen house and is placed, as an indentured servant, under the care of Belle, the master’s illegitimate slave daughter. Lavinia learns to cook, clean, and serve food, while guided by the quiet strength and love of her new family.

In time, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, caring for the master’s opium-addicted wife and befriending his dangerous yet protective son. She attempts to straddle the worlds of the kitchen and big house, but her skin color will forever set her apart from Belle and the other slaves.

Through the unique eyes of Lavinia and Belle, Grissom’s debut novel unfolds in a heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful story of class, race, dignity, deep-buried secrets, and familial bonds.
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Sharon B.

What an amazing read! This historical fiction story reminds me not to forget the life of not only African/Black slaves but indentured servants. I am grateful how we, as a civilization have evolved and how, yes, this could have happened the lives of some people. I am not sure who I connected with more, Mama, Marshall, Martha, Livinia, Ben. Unfortunately, all the characters experienced hardship. There are no winners. Good, but sad book and every time I hoped that the plot would turned to the positive I was left with a depressed feeling, but compelled to continue on to see it through to the end.

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Regina B.

I never wanted the book to end. I was so interested in everyone of the characters in it!! Definitely one of my favorites!!

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Jenna C.

Wonderful narrators. This story is well written, but an extremely tragic and heavy read. I will never forget what the characters went through in the story, and in real life during this terrible piece of history.

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Outstanding, well told story I could bot put it down

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What an amazing story! I loved the narrator definitely one of my top fav books

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Leah T.

I struggle to find books that I really, really like. This one was one of the better ones I've listened to in quite a while. And the narrators were spot on. My only quibble with the book was with the character Jamie. It felt like the writer wasn't sure where to go with his story line, introducing and then discarding details about him and then going in a completely different direction.

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Deborah S.

I loved the book! I look forward to reading more by Kathleen Grissom! Also, the narration was excellent! So well done, the characters came to life!

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This book is beautifully written and wonderfully read by the narrators. But you keep hoping for some shred of good to happen to these people. You can't help but feel for them and as such you want better for them. And when that fails to happen - again and again, you find yourself getting to work and getting home thoroughly depressed. Like I said, it's beautifully written, but terribly sad. It stays with you.

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M Castaneda

Engrossed in the story from the first paragraph.

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