Kissing a Killer: DI Declan Walsh Crime Thrillers Book 16

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
9 hours 23 minutes
Lipstick on your collar... Murder on your mind...
following the bombshell ending of Kill Your Darlings, Declan Walsh has a new job, a new office and a new remit - but when a City of London art gallery discovers the star of their latest exhibition dead, with only a signed, painted 'kiss' on his neck to go on, Declan and his team must investigate a murder that involves brutal vengeance, a family linked to a painting stolen by the Nazis in WW2, and a long-forgotten promise.
But, as the bodycount rises and the motive changes, Declan starts to wonder if the clues are leading towards the killer - or away, while Alex Monroe finds himself the target of a gangland hitman, desperate to stop him testifying at an upcoming trial...
The sixteenth audiobook in a series of procedural crime thrillers featuring DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon, Kissing A Killer is perfect for fans of J.D Kirk, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Alex Smith, David Gatward, Rachel McLean and Ann Cleeves, among others.
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