Kiss to Remember

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
13 hours 52 minutes
Grace Shelton has experienced her fair share of loss and trauma, but moving to Blairwood is her chance for a new beginning.

For Trent Remington, going to college is a chance to break free of his overprotective parents and finally play basketball.

When Grace collides into Trent by accident, she sees the last person she ever expected to find-the boy that's been haunting her dreams for the past two years. Trent might belong to another girl, but he can't seem to get the redhead with the sad eyes out of his mind no matter how hard he tries.

Together, they might risk everything for a chance at love, but will a kiss be enough to make him remember?

Contains mature themes.
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Kristina M.

I am really glad when I was adding this to my goodreads that I noticed I needed to read Kiss Before Midnight first. It is a must! It would have not been the same without it. This story was so much more than I was expecting. It was fantastic! I felt so much heartache for Grace and Tatiana Sololov really portrayed that with her narration. Grace was hurt when the guy that she liked, Mason, just disappeared from her life after an amazing date. Two years later she sees him again. Except he goes by Trent… and he has a girlfriend who has been with a long time. It was interesting the way they kept being thrown together. Grace had to really figure out her feelings. Was Trent not the same as her Mason? What was Grace to do when she had these strong feelings still for Mason and Trent brought so much of that back but yet he had a girlfriend. Trent couldn’t understand why he had such a strong pull towards Grace despite him being in love with someone else. I enjoyed the way the story played out. It was a slow burn that made sense due to the situation. The reveal for the great Trent/ Mason mystery was very soap opera-like which could have been explained a little differently. The narrators did a great job keeping my interest through this long audio. I don’t think I enjoy listening to books through the audiobooks app though (that does not reflect my final rating for the book, just a statement)

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