King of Bath: A BBC Radio 4 Sitcom

King of Bath: A BBC Radio 4 Sitcom

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
2 hours 48 minutes
David Bamber stars in this comedy drama about the adventures and misadventures of 18th-century dandy Richard ‘Beau’ Nash

In the fashionable spa town of Bath, one man is the arbiter of taste and the epitome of elegance: the self-proclaimed ‘King of Bath’, Beau Nash. In his capacity as Master of Ceremonies, he presides over the city’s social life, arranging balls and concerts for the ‘ton’, keeping a discreet eye on distinguished visitors and smoothing over any quarrels or disagreements.

In these six episodes, he has his work cut out for him, as he saves an heiress from her wealthy aunt’s wrath; comes up against a duelling German Count to avert a looming tragedy; and endeavours to hide his Welsh origins to gain royal approval for his cordial. He also helps his nephew Ambrose realise his dream of running a school, does his best to compromise a Methodist minister; and turns detective to track down a highwayman – only to find that all the clues point to him...

Full of farcical fun, this entertaining historical sitcom by Arnold Evans stars David Bamber (Pride and Prejudice, Rome) as Beau Nash, with Eiry Thomas (The Pact) as his loyal housemaid Annie.

Production credits

Written by Arnold Evans

Directed by Alison Hindell

Composer: John Hardy


Beau Nash – David Bamber

Annie – Eiry Thomas

Lucy – Lynn Seymour

Hazlitt – Peter Gunn

Fanny – Alice Arnold

Dr Cheyne/Count von Richthofen/Sir Percy – Andrew Wincott

Mr Trout/Daniel Brewster – Simon Ludders

Fintan Fitzgerald – Richard Nichols

Poppy – Lesley Rooney

Lady Huntingdon – Rosamund Shelley

Pryderi – Iestyn Jones

Widow Perkins – Stevie Parry

Ambrose – James Westaway

Mr Whistle – Brendan Charleson

Joshua – James Greene

Dr Collins – Patrick Collins

Mrs Collins – Manon Edwards

Ned – Stephen Thorne

Sophia – Claire Cage

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 22 February – 29 March 1999

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