Kassy O'Roarke, Geocacher: Pet Detective Mysteries Book Three

Kassy O'Roarke, Geocacher: Pet Detective Mysteries Book Three

Written by:
Kelly Oliver
Narrated by:
Trista Shaye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
3 hours 11 minutes
Just days before her thirteenth birthday, Kassy’s only wish is to escape from the cramped tent she shares with her brother and his farting ferret, her not-quite stepsister and her squirmin’ vermin puppy . . . and a miniature goat with an appetite for underwear.

Kiki the koala needs to get to the National Zoo in Washington, and the gang is on the world’s most fun road trip to get her there. On the way, they camp in the Shenandoah National Forest, where they enter a geocaching contest full of riddles and puzzles to test even the brainiest middle graders. 

Determined to win the contest—and a brand-new tent—Kassy faces off with the cheating Cheevers and risks losing Kiki for good. Can the gang outsmart the Cheevers, win the contest, and still get Kiki to her new home at the zoo?

Join Kassy's fun-filled middle-grade adventure cracking riddles, detecting clues, and solving a whole zoo of animal trouble in the third book in the Pet Detective Mysteries.

“Where was Kassy when I was growing up? With jokes, riddles, puzzles, and mysteries for to solve, this series is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Theses books will hone reasoning skills while also being lots of fun. I highly recommend this collection for any budding sleuth!” 

—Claire Katz, director of the Philosophy for Children Texas Program and the Philosophy Camp for Teens and Tweens

“Kassy O’Roarke is even more exciting than the Mysterious Benedict Society! The books make you feel like you’re really inside the adventure, like you’re really a part of it. The mysteries have many fun animals and twists. These are excellent books for young journalists and detectives!—Mila Neely, Tween Reader

“Perfect for early middle schoolers, who will easily identify with Kassy.” —BlueInk Review 

“A purely enjoyable adventure filled with memorable characters, an endearing protagonist, and a lot of heart.”—The US Review of Books 
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