Written by:
Danielle Steel
Narrated by:
Brian Keith Lewis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2000
9 hours 54 minutes
Everyone knows Madeleine and Jack Hunter. Maddy is an award-winning TV anchorwoman. Jack is the head of her network. To the world, theirs is a storybook marriage. But behind the doors of their lush Georgetown home a different story emerges.

Maddy has always tried to deny Jack’s subtle put-downs, control, and jealousy. She has no bruises, only the daggers of fear, humiliation, and isolation — as powerful as the gun or the fist, the wounds as deep. It seems impossible that a woman the nation idolizes lives in degradation and fear. Maddy’s secrets are well kept, even from herself.

Maddy’s healing begins when she joins the First Lady’s Commission on Violence Against Women. There, she hears eerily familiar stories from terrified wives and girlfriends. And there she comes to know Bill Alexander, a distinguished diplomat. Bill suspects that something is terribly wrong in Maddy’s marriage and begs her to open her eyes.

As she takes the first steps toward freedom, a remarkable series of events unfolds ... a stranger from Maddy’s past reappears ... White House headlines bring the nation to a standstill ... and a devastating tragedy forces Maddy to realize how much has been taken from her. Faced with the most difficult choice of her life, Maddy finds a strength she never knew she had and a gift that will change her life forever.

With wisdom and compassion, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel reminds us that no one is exempt from the effects of abuse, in its subtlest forms. But at its core, Journey is a book about hope, about change, and about daring to be free.
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Angela Jones

Awesome book. I found myself being so angry then over joyed and happy. This book draws you in from the first words and you dont want to put it down.

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Gloria Nowicki

Terrific story, kept me on the edge but the narrators voice was so dull and boring .

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Amazing that my story could be in print without my knowledge! Not really, but so much is true life in Danielle Steel's book JOURNEY. I love it. Had I read it 20 years ago my life would have changed drastically. This is an enlightening book for women everywhere who don't really know they are abused. It's the story of your friend, your coworker, a relative, or the lady next door. It's great reading, as usual for a Danielle Steel book, and the message within will touch you and stay with you.+++

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