Written by:
Frank Delaney
Narrated by:
Frank Delaney

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2005
19 hours 31 minutes
“Dramatic, adventurous, heroic, romantic. . . these historical chronicles, legends, myths, tall tales and fables, featuring warriors, kings, monks, explorers and clever common folk, imaginatively tell the history of Ireland.”  — Philadelphia Inquirer

This New York Times bestselling epic is an unforgettable tour de force that marries the intimate, passionate texture of the Irish spirit with a historical scope that is sweeping and resplendent. Storyteller extraordinaire Frank Delaney takes his readers on a journey through the history of Ireland, stopping along the way to evoke the dramatic events and personalities so critical to shaping the Irish experience.

In the winter of 1951, a storyteller, the last practitioner of an honored, centuries-old tradition, arrives at the home of nine-year-old Ronan O'Mara in the Irish countryside. For three wonderful evenings, the old gentleman enthralls his assembled local audience with narratives of foolish kings, fabled saints, and Ireland's enduring accomplishments before moving on. But these nights change young Ronan forever, setting him on a years-long pursuit of the elusive, itinerant storyteller and the glorious tales that are no less than the saga of his tenacious and extraordinary isle.
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Lisa Maltos

This by far was very very interesting and enjoyable. I will be listening to this one again!

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Linda S.

This book is deep and rich and mysterious like Ireland herself. Amazing storytelling.

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Jackie Vance

Possibly most interesting and touching audiobook I've heard yet.

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Dori Augustine

Knowing that my husband and I will be traveling to Ireland next summer, I wanted to find a book that goes into the country's history and culture. I found the perfect title! As I was listening, I made notes of the different places the storyteller describes and will definitely look them up when we're there. And the narrator was the best I've heard yet. He made me feel like I was there in a cottage in front of a fire listening to his tales. Wonderful book!!

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Loved this book, gave me insight about the country and it's history in a delightful folk lore format, kept me engaged. Never boring. Colorful language

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This story kepy me entertained and interested the whole way through. I was disappointed in the audio quality of the download, as it had a tinny sound with some blank spots and sound problems, but have recommended the story to many people (although not through audiodownload)

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