Into Africa

Written by:
Kerry Mcdonald
Narrated by:
Lucy Rayner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
9 hours 28 minutes
The untold story of “Stanley and Livingstone,” and the woman who made their fame possible

No one had heard from Janet Livingstone’s brother in years. The world-famous missionary and explorer had captured the imagination of millions with his book about his travels through the Colonial British Empire … but then he simply vanished.

So, when Janet received a cryptic message from Africa, along with a necklace their father gave him, she knew he was still alive and needed her help. But a woman traveling alone to the farthest corners of the Empire was simply out of the question.

Enter Henry Stanley, the over-confident American explorer. All too happy to make his mark by finding David Livingston, he was not about to let a woman, of all things, slow him down. He’d lead the team, assuming Janet, who had never left her tiny Scottish town, would simply drop out before they even started.

Into Africa is the thrilling story of Janet Livingstone, her epic clash with Henry Stanley, and her surprising relationship with their guide, Goma Foutou, amidst the brutal reality of a continent ravaged by the slave trade and European colonialism.
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