Intern Girl

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
8 hours 46 minutes
My employee's daughter. That's all she was when I let her do odd jobs around the warehouse for a few extra bucks. And then she went away for college.

This now beautiful, sexy, desirable woman is no longer the tomboy I once called Kiddo.

I want to see how she responds to my kiss. I want to feel her body tremble as she anticipates my touch. I want to learn all the places that bring her pleasure. And I do . . . in secret.

She is my intern and under me for the summer. Literally.

This was supposed to be a fling. A little fun between the sheets without commitment-that's what we called it. But we were wrong. This is more.

Our story is beautiful. Our love, deep. Our ending, unescapable . . . unless she can embrace the past that catches up with me.

Contains mature themes.
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