In and Out of the Kitchen: The Complete Series 1-4

Written by:
Miles Jupp , Justin Edwards
Narrated by:
Miles Jupp , Justin Edwards

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2019
10 hours 10 minutes
Miles Jupp stars as fussy food writer Damien Trench in the complete four series of this much-loved BBC Radio 4 sitcom.

Well-known cookery writer Damien Trench is famous for his book A Year in the Kitchen, a diary of everything he cooked and ate over the course of 12 months. Now, for the follow-up volume, In and Out of the Kitchen, Damien undertakes to open up the doors 'not only to my kitchen, but also to my life'. But is Damien’s life as idyllic as his listeners might suppose?

During the course of these 22 episodes, we follow the ups and downs of life for Damien and his partner, Anthony, as Damien films a pilot for his TV series Poets and their Palates, appears at a literary festival, dips his toe into the world of journalism, contends with the well-meaning interference of friends, looks after a baby, and plans his wedding.

Many of Damien’s recipes are included along the way. As he himself might say, enjoy - and more importantly, cook.
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