In a Dark, Dark Wood

Written by:
Ruth Ware
Narrated by:
Imogen Church

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2015
9 hours 35 minutes

An NPR Best Book of the Year * An Entertainment Weekly Summer Books Pick * A Buzzfeed “31 Books to Get Excited About this Summer” Pick * A Publishers Weekly “Top Ten Mysteries and Thrillers” Pick * A Shelf Awareness Best Book of the Year * A BookReporter Summer Reading Pick * A New York Post “Best Novels to Read this Summer” Pick * A Shelf Awareness “Book Expo America 2015 Buzz Book” Pick

What should be a cozy and fun-filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn in Ruth Ware’s suspenseful, compulsive, and darkly twisted psychological thriller.

Sometimes the only thing to fear…is yourself.

When reclusive writer Leonora is invited to the English countryside for a weekend away, she reluctantly agrees to make the trip. But as the first night falls, revelations unfold among friends old and new, an unnerving memory shatters Leonora’s reserve, and a haunting realization creeps in: the party is not alone in the woods.
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Jennifer D

My first book by Ruth Ware, and I really liked it. Great character development, poetic descriptions of scenery, and it truly kept me guessing.

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Briana Janmaat

It took awhile for the story to get going and I felt as though the plot was very drawn out. The narration was quite expressive but I wonder if I had read it rather than listened if it wouldn't have felt so slow.

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Theresa Burlew

I enjoyed this book. It was face=paced and well written. The narration was also very good.

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Jonathan G.

Narrator very good. Kept waiting for the book to get good, unfortunately never did. Also the main character is just depressing.

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Lee K.

Was a really good story. Worth the read.

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Good story but it wasn’t amazing to me.

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Most of her books are very good, but the characters here, although young adults, are idiots. The character development is painfully thin and narrow. Not only are each response so predictable, but only so because you see she’s going in a forced direction. Shame your editor let you publish this one.

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Joy Mills

OMG, such a good listen..... Characters are realistic and easy to relate to lots of twist and turns an ending you want see coming.

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Dana C.


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Suhein M.

This book was well read. I enjoyed listening. And for this being the first book read to me I was surprisingly pleased.

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Sarah1 H.

Love Ruth Ware! This was my second book from her. My first was The Death of Mrs. Westaway. So much fun.

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Jennifer C

Loved, loved, loved! This was a perfect mix of mystery, the struggles of friendship

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Susan R

This was a good book, the characters were interesting and the storyline led up to a satisfying ending.

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Mary F

This is the first book I have read by Ruth Ware. It was terrific and I look forward to reading her other books.

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Cari J

Wow. That was quite intense. The book itself is well-written, but the narrator brings it to life. I would love to meet this Nora and get a coffee. She seems so down to earth and guarded and vulnerable just like I can be.

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Peter T

Ruth Ware somehow digs deep into the female psyche creating charcters that are multi dimentional in a setting where everyone is suspect. Narrator Church is the Mel Blank of audiobooks giving each character their own distinct voice and accent giving the read the appearance of a multi-reader cast. Can’t wait for the next Ware/Church collaboration.

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Nicki R

Story was good, not amazingly good, just good; narrator was great.

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Maureen B

Loved it! Great narration and some genuinely scary moments where I wouldn't recommend listening in the dark. Suspenseful, dark mystery. Highly recommend!

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abby m

I love the narrator of the book but the story had very slow pacing. The novel overall was good and the mysteries kept me going. The characters were definitely unique in his/her own way. I found only one character likable and that was Nina.

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Chey Weaver

Great thriller!

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Colette Thomas

This is a fantastic thriller. The characters are complex and relatable. It's a great portrayal of toxic friendships on top of being a nail-biter. Ruth Ware is my new favorite author. Imogen Church is an audiobook listener's dream: a beautiful voice with a wide range of emotions and dialects turn easy listening into headphone theatre. Don't miss this!

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Alyssa Sterioti

Great suspenseful book!

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Paiten Reynolds

Amazing book, amazing narration! In my opinion, there is no end to the praise that could be given for this! Listen to this now! Seriously, right now. Why are you still reading this review???

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Anita Kordonowy

Loved the suspense and the story. The narrator was amazing!!

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Leilani Maynard

This was another great listen. The story was very good. I was guessing all the way to the end. The narrator was very good also. I will be recommending this book!

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Jennifer Tingey

I liked the story, but just way too much swearing. It felt like the characters had a very limited vocabulary. The narrator was great. I enjoyed listening to her. If she'd been awful, I would have given up on the book because hearing the swear words is worse than reading them. You can skip over the words.

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Georgia Pacetti

Loved this one. Found myself driving unnecessarily just to listen.

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Ashiya Stroud

I liked this book a lot. Imogen church is an amazing story teller. While driving home, I found myself taking the long way home because I was enthralled in her voice and story. Good book, great narrator. : )

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Francis Allcorn

The last three books that I have listened to have all had a female theme to them, not necessarily of my choosing. However, I listened to them all and they were all very good stories and kept me wanting to hear more. I noticed that I was getting so involved that I couldn't stand it when the main characters would not tell the truth or "fess up. I know it was all part of the plot but it did give me an insight to the way female minds work as opposed to male minds. Totally different. I know now why my marriages didn't work out so well... This story was well written and very gripping at times and the Narrator was first class especially as she had the British accents down to a tee.

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Third Masse

Comical characters and unexpected twists and turns.great book

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