Imogen Quy Detective Mysteries: Two BBC Radio Crime Thrillers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
1 hour 53 minutes
Two delightful detective dramas adapted from Jill Paton Walsh's bestselling books

Award-winning author Jill Paton Walsh was well known for her four Lord Peter Wimsey novels that continued and completed Dorothy L. Sayers's much-loved series. These two cosy crime dramas introduce her own sparkling creation, Imogen Quy, a college nurse and amateur sleuth who investigates foul play in academia.

The Wyndham Case - The tranquil atmosphere of St Agatha's College, Cambridge is shattered when a young undergraduate is found dead on the floor of a specialist library. The repository of a rare collection of 17th-century scientific volumes, the 'Wyndham Case' is always kept locked: so how did Philip Skellow get in? And was his death accidental - or murder? Imogen is determined to find out... Starring Carolyn Pickles as Imogen Quy.

A Piece of Justice - When Imogen's lodger Fran Bullion is asked to write the biography of eminent mathematician Gideon Summerfield, she is delighted - but Imogen fears she may be in danger. Three previous would-be biographers have either died or disappeared, and their research stopped at the same point in their subject's life: August 1978. What secret surrounds that fateful summer, and who is willing to kill to protect it? Barbara Flynn stars as Imogen, with Tracy Wiles as Fran.

Text copyright © Jill Paton Walsh 1993 (The Wyndham Case), 1995 (A Piece of Justice)

All rights reserved

Production credits

Written by Jill Paton Walsh

The Wyndham Case

Imogen Quy - Carolyn Pickles

Mike Parsons - Richard Derrington

Sir William Buckmote - Jeffery Dench

Lady Buckmote - Marlene Sidaway

Fran Bullion - Tracy Wiles

Mountnessing - Charles Collingwood

Mrs Skellow - Gillian Goodman

Lord Goldhooper - Ian Brooker

Nick - Tom George

Emily/Tracy - Claire Corbett

Catherine/Felicity - Jasmine Hyde

Jack - Thomas Arnold

Phillip Skellow - Alex Trinder

Roger - Martyn Read

Dramatised by Neville Teller

Directed by Peter Lesley Wild

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 3 February 2001

A Piece of Justice

Imogen Quy - Barbara Flynn

Janet Somerfield - Rosemary Leach

Fran Bullion - Tracy Wiles

Josh - Robert Harper

Dr Mistral - James Greene

Lady Buckmote - Marlene Sidaway

Sir William Buckmote - Geoffrey Whitehead

Professor Maverack - Colin Starkey

Meredith Bagadeuce - Peter Howell

Pamela Zephyr - Di Botcher

David Swann - Iwan Thomas

Dramatised by Neville Teller

Directed by Janet Whitaker

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7 November 1998

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