Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Vol. 1, Books 1-3: A Steamy Vampire Rock Star Romance

Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Vol. 1, Books 1-3: A Steamy Vampire Rock Star Romance

Written by:
Susan Griscom
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
19 hours 40 minutes
A Collection of Books 1 through 3 of the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series.
Tempted by a VampireEnter a world of temptation and lust, where rock stars are not only gorgeous and sexy, but they're also vampires. He’s a vampire… She’s human… A temptation they can't resist leads to a future they never imagined as sparks ignite between the two until a threat from Cian's past returns to wreak havoc on Cian's and Magdalena's lives.

Captivated by a VampireShe's a vampire. He's human and the best investigative reporter in the city. Their worlds mix as well as oil and water, but their attraction to each other is electric. The simple act of a Good Samaritan spirals into an obsession—much more than either of them thought possible. Their love becomes unfathomable, but will it be enough to overcome the hurdles standing in their way?

Rocked by a VampireHe’s dangerously sexy, insufferably arrogant, rude, and complicated as hell, yet what he reveals to her makes it impossible to stop her growing desire for him. Can the witch he loathes be the one to tame his demons, or will she only send him farther into hell? He wants to claim her, own her… A witch by birthright, she’s powerful yet vulnerable… Passion ignites between them as they struggle with deep-seated secrets that haunt them. Can the witch he distrusts tame the destructive demons that torment him? Or will their fervid desires send him deeper into the hell he’s been living in? Buy your copy now and start reading this sexy series today!
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