If the Ice Had Held

Written by:
Wendy J. Fox

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
7 hours 31 minutes
Melanie Henderson's life is a lie. The scandal of her birth and the identity of her true parents is kept from her family's small, conservative Colorado town. Not even she knows the truth: that her birth mother was just fourteen and unmarried to her father, a local boy who drowned when he tried to take a shortcut across an icy river.

Thirty-five years later, in Denver, Melanie dabbles in affairs with married men while clinging to a corporate job that gives her life order even as her tenuous relationships fall apart. She still hasn't learned that the woman who raised her is actually her aunt-or that her birth mother visits her almost every day. This fiercely-guarded secret bonds the two most important women in her life, who hatched a plan to trade places and give Melanie a life unmarred by shame. Yet, as a forest fire rages through the Rocky Mountains and a car accident shakes the family, Melanie finds herself at the center of an unraveling tangle of tragedy and heartbreak.

If the Ice Had Held speaks with a natural lyricism, and presents a cast of characters who quietly struggle through complicated lives.
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Blondelle O\\\'Garro

Was a little disappointed as I thought the plot might have built to some revelation, either about the main character's affairs or her parentage. Ended a bit too vague for my taste.

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Constance M.

I really didn't care for this book. It was ok to pass the time.

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Latoya L.

Affairs, secret adoptions, no good fathers, cheating, lies,women expected to do it all as usual, great read. Short but sufficient. #book42of2020 #bookworm #whatsnext

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