Ice Planet Barbarians

Written by:
Ruby Dixon
Narrated by:
Hollie Jackson , Mason Lloyd
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Release Date
November 2017
5 hours 51 minutes

You'd think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you'd be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they've left their cargo of human women-including me-on an ice planet.


And the only native inhabitant I've met? He's big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Leanne R.

Okay so it's a little cheesy, big blue guys with huge d*#ks. Buuuut I listened to this at quite a stressful time of my life and it seriously was therapy. I loved it. Total escapism, and super steamy. So just for that it earns 5 stars thanks Ruby Dixon for making an ice planet I can escape to during work

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This was my first time listening to an audiobook and I really enjoyed the way these two narrators sounded together. I also really enjoyed the story so much I’m continuing the series.

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Cherifa C.

I can't stop re- listening to it. it's that good

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Catherine F.

Weird alien rape and sex. Our main hero alien is a clueless blue moron. This is just really awkward porn with a very thin scraping of story to make it marketable. I couldn't go on past the first sexual encounter. Yech.

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Sergio C.

Okay... so I have so many feelings. If you're looking for the spicy side of reading, honestly, there are better works out there. This author seems inspired by Twilight's imprinting, Star Wars, and a lot of clichés in erotica. With that said, it plants some seeds for a larger story and bigger world that I very much am curious about. I might decide to read on, but if I left here, I don't think I would be missing out. If you like spicy books and those earlier things were mentioned, then this is definitely for you. The narrators do their best and elevate the material without question and should be praised.

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So good! Can't wait for the next :).

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Dragons & Wolves53

I find the story and plot line very interesting. I'm usually not interested in these types of books but I found it enjoyable interesting to listen to!

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it's a bit cringey but I did listen to it and I did quite enjoy the plot

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DNF. The rape part was horrifying.

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Jinette A.

It was very good much better than expected

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Really enjoyed the book and the pair of narrators worked very well together.

Ice Planet Barbarians
This title is due for release on November 21, 2017.

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Ice Planet Barbarians
This title is due for release on November 21, 2017
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Ice Planet Barbarians
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Ice Planet Barbarians

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