I Will Find You: Solving Killer Cases from My Life Fighting Crime

Written by:
Joe Kenda
Narrated by:
Joe Kenda

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
8 hours 19 minutes
Detective Lt. Joe Kenda, star of Homicide Hunter, shares his deepest, darkest, and never before revealed case files from his 19 years as a homicide detective.

Are you horrified yet fascinated by abhorrent murders? Do you crave to know the gory details of these crimes, and do you seek comfort in the solving of the most gruesome?

In I WILL FIND YOU, the star of Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda shares his deepest, darkest, and never-before-revealed case files from his two decades as a homicide detective and reminds us that crimes like these are very real and can happen even in our own backyards.

Gruesome, macabre, and complex cases.

Joe Kenda investigated 387 murder cases during his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department and solved almost all of them. And he is ready to detail the cases that are too gruesome to air on television, cases that still haunt him, and the few cases where the killer got away. These cases are horrifyingly real, and the detail is so mesmerizing you won't be able to look away.

The tales in I WILL FIND YOU will shock you like the best horror stories-divulging insights into the actions, motivations, and proclivities of nature's most dangerous species.

Don't mind the blood.
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Gilbert C

This is a collection of stories from Lt. Kenda's career. He really tells it like he saw it. I found the biographical details interesting. He thanks his ghostwriter so I gave him 4 stars instead of 5 as he didn't write ALL of the book. He reads the book very well though there are occasions where his voice isn't clear, but that is not really an issue.

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Marthe B.

Love IT! A true hero and a role model. Love the voice! Such charm. Already lisend to the whole book 2 times in 2 weeks

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I watched all of Homicide Hunter, so listen to many of these stories I can picture what he is saying, but with this book there is so much more detail & added story expansion.Joe is just great, how he deliveries each story is fab and sometimes even funny.definitely worth the listen 110% recommend.... especially if you have watched his show.

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Neil Purcell

Joe Kenda's folksy way of speaking is pitch-perfect for his own book. Candid, composed, and occasionally comical, Kenda's stories of his 19 years in homicide is enjoyable from beginning to end.

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Even though there were some truly dark things in this book it was made a little better by Joe's narratiarion. He was hilarious.

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Glenice N.

Want more of Joe Kendra

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Jeremiah Kessinger

interesting details about Joe himself as well as the early days of his police career

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Cynthia D.

Oh, My... He found me!!! Interesting read, enjoyed it from beginning to end. Loved the narration. It's awesome to listen to it in his own amazing voice.

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Jami R.

awesome book. love this man

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Bobbie Sue P.

Amazing guy/Lieutenant!! Love him and Kathy!! Outstanding book!!!!!

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Jennifer F.

loved every minute of it

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Jennifer H.

Anyone who wants a true life gritty look into homicde and police. Read this.

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Liam O.

Great book enjoyed it

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Allison C

Loved this book. So glad he narrated it, really enjoyed this.

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