I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon

Written by:
Richard Sabia
Narrated by:
Phil Chenevert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
1 hour 29 minutes
Poor Dolliver Wims is a terribly misunderstood teen age boy from the backwoods. Is he mean or evil? Quite the opposite: He does nothing wrong, hurts no one and wants only to be liked and to help, yet he seems to be blamed for every accident that ever happens to anyone in the University research facility where he 'works' as a porter. Why does disaster seem to swirl around him like a tornado whips around it's eye.

He never is hurt in the slightest way while others slash themselves with previously innocent knives, are smashed by falling bookcases that had no cause to fall, and are shot by guns that are safely tucked away. And of course when he enters the army, with it's concentrated availability of destructive equipment, the situation only seems to get worse. Why? Listen to this delightful tale of future wars and a secret weapon named Dolliver Wims and how he may be the key to world peace. Or perhaps it's the other way around .... (Summary by Phil Chenevert)
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A very predictable but fun story, along the lines of Beetle Bailey cartoon. Narrator was good

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Great story line, extremely entertaining and well read by the narrator!

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Short, funny, just wonderfully entertaining!

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Jshoke W.

This was a very cool story. Short and sweet.

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Beatriz O.

was very good...!!

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Damaris P

My husband really enjoyed this book on our road trip, he was amused by the events that took place in the book and found that it was a good way to stay entertained in our 18 hour drive.

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Robert D

Laugh out loud funny! Little gem. Dialogue is well written Reader is excellent.

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