I Died on a Tuesday

I Died on a Tuesday

Written by:
Jane Corry
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2024
11 hours 59 minutes
From the internationally bestselling author of Coming to Find You and My Husband's Wife comes another edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller about a harrowing crime, the long-buried secrets surrounding it, and the explosive uncovering of the truth.

18-year-old Janie has the world and her bright future ahead of her. She's about to leave behind the small, seaside town she's known all her life to embark on a career in London in book publishing and couldn't be more excited. She'll miss home—especially her dad. They've only had each other since her mother died years earlier. But she's about to start her life and she can't wait.

She's on her way home after her last early dawn swim in the bay when the peaceful stillness of the quiet Tuesday morning is suddenly shattered. A white van careens around the corner and onto the quiet street Janie is riding her bike along, and in one swift moment, her life is forever changed, and her dreams of a new life destroyed. She's brutally run-down by the van and left for dead on the street. 

Twenty years later
Robbie Manning, international pop superstar and all-around good guy, answers the front door of his palatial home to a pair of police officers who inform him that he's being arrested for the attempted murder of Janie White. Everyone knows the horrifying story of Janie and what happened to her, and the mystery of who could have done such an awful thing has rattled the world for the last twenty years. But as word of Robbie's arrest spreads, no one—including Robbie's family—can believe it; Robbie is upstanding, a model citizen and family man. He couldn't possibly have committed a hit-and-run that left a young woman paralyzed and unable to speak.

Robbie doesn't deny the accusations. He's been waiting for the truth to come out for the last two decades, and he's ready for his punishment. He deserves it after what he did to Janie . . . 

. . . But what if there's more to the story? What if someone else knows what really happened that day?

Janie may be the only one who can reveal the truth—if they can get her to tell her side of the story.
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