I Can Explain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
6 hours 46 minutes
Standing on the balcony, outside my boss's apartment, wearing only my underwear?

Not how I expected to start my Saturday morning.

I guess I should've thought harder about going home with my sexy new gym instructor, especially since I had no idea the guy was married.

When he pushed me outside five seconds before his wife walked through the door, I jumped one balcony over. I thought it would be less embarrassing for a total stranger to find me than his wife.

That was a smart move.

So here I am, wearing next to nothing and freezing my ass off, staring through the living room window at my young, sexy, and very intimidating boss, Chase Winston.

I have two choices: I can sit here and try to think of another way out of this and risk dying of hypothermia. Or I can suck it up and knock on that window.

After a long, internal argument with myself, I choose option two.

Here goes nothing . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Plot was decent, but the supposed issues the female character kept finding were really silly. It made me hate her because of the absurdity of it

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The story was sweet and sexy but The male narrator was too robotic sounding, didn’t glow and certainly was not erotic.

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The book had very little plot or character development. If your looking for a book that just moves from sec scene to sex scene, this is for you. Should you actually want a plot, character development, relationship development - that sort of thing, give this book a pass.

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nice read, I really enjoyed it

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Sharon P.

It has its ups and downs.

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Ashante Williams

it was ok. could've been better

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such a great ready with lots of ups & downs

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