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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
14 hours 42 minutes
Once upon a time . . .

A boy is sired with poison in his veins. He cannot outrun the venom in his blood, so he escapes from those who put it there. Secreting away his darkest tendencies, he grows to become a friend, brother, bartender . . . Huntsman.

A man who becomes exactly what he ran from, a villain of his own making. A villain who falls in love with the one woman he is told to steer clear of. Enchanted by a girl with hair as brilliant as the sun and innocence as potent as his corruption. A girl locked away in a tower and told she will never walk again.

This boy doesn't want to be the villain in her story. For once, he desires to be a hero. Regrettably, his past creeps in like thick, winding fog, reaching wickedly for the one he loves the most. A hero is no match for the rotten tree from which he fell.

Once a huntsman, always a huntsman.

Poisoning guaranteed.

Contains mature themes.
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christina woods

This story is unique because the Villain gets his love story. Who hasn't always had a crush on the Bad boy?? I loved Earth in book 1 Ivory White and seeing him in book 2 Prince as he changes is so wonderful. I wanted Earth and Virginia to have their story told and this was perfect. Earth who is born with poison in his veins. Virginia who has been locked way finds a why to light his darkness. This was a wonderful retelling of a modern day fairytale. Just remember "A girl doesn't need legs to fly."

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Michelle T.

To love a villain! I love all of Cambria books and hearing it out loud just adds so much more. It gives me all the feels! Another story well done. Thank you for inviting me into this world!!

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