Hugger Mugger

Written by:
Robert B. Parker
Narrated by:
Joe Mantegna

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2000
6 hours 31 minutes
Spenser is back and embroiled in a dangerous and multi-layered case. Someone has been killing racehorses at stables across the south, and Walter Clive, president of Three Fillies Stables, hires him to find out who. Spenser goes to Georgia to protect Hugger Mugger, a two-year-old destined to become the next Secretariat. Disregarding the resentment of the local Georgia law enforcement, he takes the case. Despite the veneer of civility, Spenser encounters tensions beneath the surface old boy bonhomie. The case takes an even more deadly turn when the attacker claims a human victim, and Spenser must revise his impressions of the Three Fillies organization - and watch his own back as well.

"One of the great series in the history of the American detective story." (New York Times Book Review)
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I'll admit it: I love Spenser. But this isn't the best Spenser I've ever read. It's got no Hawk, is set in a foreign (read: Southern) geographical area, and just generally lacks the tension and compelling nature of most of Parker's works. That said, it's still a fun listen and I love horses and family intrigue so it worked for me. There were some pretty unbelieveable characters and some stretched to the point of disbelief plot points but it will pass the time.

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Terri Cramer

Horrible reader, no flow. I have to agree with the reader that stated "everything was he said, she said, I said." I skipped through most of it because it was so nerve grinding.

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Jeff Johnson

Another excellent book by Robert B Parker. Classic Spencer. Have yet to find one I dislike!

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I couldn't get past the first disc. Everything was he said she said I said. There was no flow at all.

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Rosalyn Hines

Actually, I'd give it a 3.5. I was never a fan of the Spenser television series, and I don't necessarily like reading the novels, but HUGGER MUGGER is probably the fourth or fifth audio CD I've listened to and I find them quite entertaining. Joe Montegna has great facility with character development, with distinctive voices for men, women and he does pretty well with accents, too. I might have given the CD a four if my favorite Spenser character, Hawk, had been given a role, but in this particular novel, Hawk is enjoying a lovely French vacation with, as is his wont, a very beautiful and very bright woman. The story takes place in Georgia thoroughbred country, and moves flawlessly from there to San Francisco and to Saratoga Springs. A nice companion for a long drive.

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