How to Sell a Haunted House

Written by:
Grady Hendrix
Narrated by:
Mikhaila Aaseng , Jay Aaseng

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
13 hours 0 minutes

'Wildly entertaining.'-The New York Times

'Ingenious.'-The Washington Post

New York Times bestselling author Grady Hendrix takes on the haunted house in a thrilling new novel that explores the way your past—and your family—can haunt you like nothing else.
When Louise finds out her parents have died, she dreads going home. She doesn’t want to leave her daughter with her ex and fly to Charleston. She doesn’t want to deal with her family home, stuffed to the rafters with the remnants of her father’s academic career and her mother’s lifelong obsession with puppets and dolls. She doesn’t want to learn how to live without the two people who knew and loved her best in the world.
Most of all, she doesn’t want to deal with her brother, Mark, who never left their hometown, gets fired from one job after another, and resents her success. Unfortunately, she’ll need his help to get the house ready for sale because it’ll take more than some new paint on the walls and clearing out a lifetime of memories to get this place on the market.
But some houses don’t want to be sold, and their home has other plans for both of them…
Like his novels The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires and The Final Girl Support Group, How to Sell a Haunted House is classic Hendrix: equal parts heartfelt and terrifying—a gripping new read from “the horror master” (USA Today).
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Teresa M.

I absolutely loved this story! The narrator was very good. I also thought it was really creepy, and Grady Hendrix has an amazing way to get under your skin. The narrator was really good with changing characters, and the way she did the puppets' voice was un nerving.

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Sydney M.

spooky but so good!

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craig specht

This was a good book, kept me interested. The narrators did a great job!

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Lindsey P.

I never want to hear or see a puppet ever again! Fun book with some odd twists

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Tia W.

This is the first book that I listened to in a while that kept me guessing. So, if this is a prelude to other books by this author, then I am hooked. Great creepy story!

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Can’t even get halfway through. The narrator is fine, the characters are just annoying and unlikeable.

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Why does the description not mention that this story is about haunted puppets and imaginary creatures coming to life? I was expecting a haunted house…with ghost…not possessed Toys. Never does it explain where the possession or “magic” comes from. It just exist? The story was interesting enough at first but it just got harder and harder to continue. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad read/listen. Just not something I’m into and I wish the description would have been more accurate. Wasted a credit.

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Enjoyed the book !

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This was a great story about a haunting and the process of loss. Highly recommended.

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Elayne G.

The female narrator was annoying due to the way she would say the words “she said or he said” When a narrator is strong, one doesn’t even notice the “saids”

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