How to Manage Complex Programs: High-Impact Techniques for Handling Project Workflow, Deliverables, and Teams

Written by:
Tom Kendrick
Narrated by:
Mark Ashby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
10 hours 0 minutes
To see a program successfully through to completion, a program manager must break the work down into simpler, smaller pieces and organize it into interdependent tasks…and this book helps you do just that. 

Projects require managers, but programs warrant maestros. Tasked with overseeing multiple project teams and thousands of activities, program managers have one of the most challenging jobs in the market. Too many overburdened managers are leaving otherwise great jobs, even the field entirely, because they haven’t equipped themselves with the right tools in hand to take on this complex but fulfilling job.

Complete with diagrams, graphs, and real-life examples, How to Manage Complex Programs explains the ins and outs of program management and provides concrete and effective techniques for structuring deliverables, workflow, and staffing. You will learn to: 

- Decompose complex deliverables into manageable chunks
- Develop coherent plans for component projects
- Handle cross-project dependencies
- Organize program staff and project leaders into a high-performing team

Yes, program management is challenging but the most rewarding jobs always are. Don’t let yourself become overburdened and tempted to leave a field in high demand of hard workers such as yourself. These proven strategies are the key to finding both relief and success!
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