How to Be a Lawyer: The Path from Law School to Success

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
11 hours 15 minutes
Transform your legal education into a successful and fulfilling legal career

In How to Be a Lawyer, a team of veteran lawyers and entrepreneurs delivers an eye-opening discussion of how to translate your years of training and education into a running start in the world of practice. The book bridges the gap between law school and practice, whether you hope to be a big firm transactional attorney, a solo criminal lawyer, work for the government or any other legal profession. You'll discover how you can use what you learned in law school and how you can develop the real skills you'll need as you deal with clients and colleagues.

The authors explain what your professors won't tell you in law school and what employers and clients will actually expect from you. You'll also find: case studies and guest chapters describing the transition to major areas of law and how it can and should affect your law school decision making; expert advice on making your first job a successful one; guidance on how to avoid the most common career pitfalls and client mistakes; and unfiltered opinions from clients about what they really think about lawyers. An ideal resource for aspiring and current law students and early career lawyers, How to Be a Lawyer is the practical blueprint you need to build your legal career from scratch.
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