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July 2018
8 hours 32 minutes
He's the hottest player in Major League Baseball, the most notorious playboy in all of Manhattan . . .

And my fake fiance for the next three months . . .

I was drunk-dialing my ex the night I met him.

Six-three, sexy as sin, and so incredibly rude I could smack the asshole smirk right off his face. Long story short, we got off to a bad start. But when the tabloids interpret our sparring as Drew Maddox 'groveling' with a 'mystery brunette,' his agent presents us both a proposal:

Shacking up as a couple this summer.

It's an alleged 'win-win.' I need to prove to my ex that I'm fine. Drew needs to prove to his team that he's stable. Thanks to his on-field brawling and never-ending lady drama, Drew Maddox has suddenly found himself on the trade block-which means he needs a fast, easy way to show the team that he's settled down.

Hence this fiance thing.

Our fights are real, our kisses are fake, and thanks to the nonstop heat between us, I'm starting to mix up all my signs. But whether it's real or fake, there's one thing I do know:

I'm already addicted.

Contains mature themes.
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Loved this one the most. This story has been my favorite thus far

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Samantha-Leigh Anderson

It suddenly turns from he goes to see her to what happens after, with no real idea of what happened when he met her mother and sister in her home town or what he thought of her home town - were just supposed to take it. which was some seriously lazy writing (its all in the details) but other than that - it gave lots of fifth which is obvs why I chose the book. So overall was good - but skipped a vital part which bothered me quite a bit.

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Linda K.

Hot read!!!!

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