A Horse's Tale

Written by:
Mark Twain
Narrated by:
Lee Howard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
1 hour 44 minutes
'A Horse's Tale' (1907) is a novel by Mark Twain, written against bullfighting.
A classic humorous tale as told from the point of view of horse in the wild, wild west.

'I am Buffalo Bill's horse. I have spent my life under his saddle—with him in it, too, and he is good for two hundred pounds, without his clothes; and there is no telling how much he does weigh when he is out on the war-path and has his batteries belted on. I am his favorite horse, out of dozens. Big as he is, I have carried him eighty-one miles between nightfall and sunrise on the scout; and I am good for fifty, day in and day out, and all the time. I am not large, but I am built on a business basis. I have carried him thousands and thousands of miles on scout duty for the army, and there's not a gorge, nor a pass, nor a valley, nor a fort, nor a trading post, nor a buffalo-range in the whole sweep of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains that we don't know as well as we know the bugle-calls.'
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