Hood Boyz Fall in Love Too

Written by:
Shvonne Latrice
Narrated by:
K. Bernard , Georgie Kimble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
12 hours 56 minutes
Owen Santiago hasn't been dealt the greatest hand in life, with one tragic event in particular changing her for seemingly forever. Not willing to let the hardships drag her down, she presses forward, making herself happy the best way she knows how and by any means necessary. Owen is perfectly happy, or so she thinks, and believes the last thing she needs is a man; especially one as masculine, handsome, bold, yet undeniably sweet as Conquer. But what she soon realizes is there is a vast difference between men and little boys.

Conquer, a very important man in the city of Las Vegas, isn't your typical street thug. Being taught since birth that the mafia was always number one, Conquer has a callous, no-nonsense personality. With his smooth ways, intelligence, slightly rude demeanor, and sexy smile, he's irresistible to just about every woman that crosses his path; even ones like... Owen. When the handsome charmer and emotionally scarred beauty meet, the chemistry is immediate and intense, with both parties becoming like a drug to one another. Unfortunately, they both have factors within their lives that make a union seem not only impossible but highly unlikely.

Will Owen fall victim to Conquer's spell, despite him not being her type in more ways than one? And will Conquer be willing to go against the grain just to have Owen, or will they both realize that love only suits... 'normal' people. This hood romance is laced with heartbreak, tragedy, lust, and betrayal, but most of all a raw and unexpected love.
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