History of Russia: The 1900s and Soviet Russia

History of Russia: The 1900s and Soviet Russia

Written by:
Days Of History
Narrated by:
Theo Dawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
3 hours 18 minutes
Discover the Unfolding Drama of the 20th Century with 'History of Russia: The 1900s and Soviet Russia'

- The Final book in Our 'Russia's Epic Saga: A Journey Through Time' Series.

Complete your exploration of Russia's rich history with the enthralling final book in our Russian history series. This riveting book delves into the dramatic events and influential figures that shaped Russia during the 20th century, as the nation underwent a period of unprecedented change.

Witness the fall of the Russian Empire and the rise of the Soviet Union, as revolutionary fervor swept the nation. Explore the lives of iconic leaders like Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev, whose actions would forever alter the course of history. Experience the triumphs and tragedies of Soviet Russia, from the heights of its global influence to its eventual collapse.

This engrossing volume combines engaging storytelling with expert analysis, presenting a balanced and captivating account of Russia's tumultuous 20th-century journey. Accessible and informative, it's perfect for history lovers and newcomers alike.

Don't miss your chance to delve into Russia's remarkable past. Order your copy today, and immerse yourself in the incredible stories of a nation that has faced adversity and emerged transformed.
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